After receiving a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) in the United States, I worked for a variety of architectural firms before moving to Europe. In Germany, which has been my home since 1990, I initially worked as a landscape architect and translator for several English-speaking architects who had projects in Berlin. I began translating in 1993 and have steadily increased the volume of work each year.

In 2002 I founded wort[SCHATZ] and now translate for a variety of firms and individuals. At the same time I began teaching English for a number of firms and private persons upon receiving a Cambridge TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate. My years of experience working as a landscape architect in Germany and the United States have given me a unique knowledge of the business cultures in both countries which is especially valuable to those wishing to learn business-oriented English.

wort[SCHATZ]: Wort das; word
Schatz der; treasure, fortune
Wortschatz is the German word for "vocabulary",
i.e. a vocabulary is a treasure of individual words.
This is an indication of how much the language is
valued by those who speak it.